What I Care About

Equitable Property Taxes for All Residents

Property taxes in Richardson are continually on the rise, as property values increase. The city of Richardson does not offer a homestead exemption for 70% of its citizens. A homestead exemption reduces homeowners’ state property tax obligations. It can also help protect a home from creditors in the event of a spouse dying or a homeowner declaring bankruptcy. The challenge for those who don’t qualify, is potential economic hardship. And, with our current economy in a state of uncertainty, we need to give our citizens relief.

Prior to researching the best ways to accomplish this, I want to hear from all residents and come to the best course of action for you and our City.

Input into City Spending

Financial discipline is critical for any city to continue to grow and prosper, particularly when competing with other cities that are newer and have more updated infrastructures. I want to be involved in the decision-making process for economic development across Richardson.

The City prides itself on having maintained a strong financial position for years. Our strong fiscal management policies have enabled us to continue enhancing resident services, while providing strong return on investment for our stakeholders. Having been responsible for highly complex, multi-million-dollar projects, I understand the long-tail benefits of capitalizing expenditures over time. I also understand how beneficial diversity of experience can be to the City Council. My background will bring a level of competitive advantage to Richardson and help lend additional credibility to the council’s overall fiduciary responsibility.

That responsibility includes listening to every resident, business, and City stakeholder to ensure their voices are heard within the budgeting process. This will ensure that our fire and police are well compensated; our neighborhoods have safe streets and alleys; and that we continue to invest in green spaces to keep us healthy and active. All perspectives are crucial to City budget planning.

Economic Development and Infrastructure

Richardson has a vibrant and diversified business community that I’m committed to supporting. Ongoing economic development is key to the city’s ongoing improvement and prosperity.

This means we need to think and act progressively and dynamically. A smart, sustainable and strategic approach, that includes technological innovation is important. This entails continued investments in areas important to Richardson citizens: downtown Richardson for walkable areas of dining and retail; the Innovation District/Quarter (IQ) for encouraging our small and large businesses to create and grow here; and the DART Silver Line that will connect us to DFW Airport.

Sustainable commercial growth also involves our local small businesses. They foster our economies at scale. I am committed to supporting small businesses by encouraging shop-local, best in workforce training programs, and helping local businesses to develop a hybrid approach to brick and mortar and online sales.

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